Someone can touch your heart without even knowing it

A friend once told me the testimony of one of her friends and it really touched my heart. It helped me to further realize how great of a God I serve.

We all know that summer is fun for the kids but somewhat stressful for parents because of all the back to school preparations. My friend’s friend, uh let’s call her Jane for the sake of anonymity. Jane is a mother and one who is struggling to make ends meet. My friend called her one afternoon to find out how she was doing and later started inquiring about her back to school preparations, only to find out that she has not done any shopping and this was the midst August. She started to explain how she was facing financial difficulties but she is just waiting on God to deliver so she can start her preparations. My friend, being the kind person she is decided to send her some money to assist with school uniforms.

The following week my friend again phoned her only to find out that someone had offered to make the uniforms free of cost! So, the money she was given could be used for shoes, books or other suppliers. How great is our God! He worked upon the heart of my friend to call the time she did and offer to help. He decided that was the week he was going to come through for that woman. He is a God of timing and he always delivers. The faith this woman displayed only helped to build my own. She was unbothered by her circumstances because she knows she serve a risen saviour. Talk about faith! How many of us can truly say in times of difficulty we are at complete ease because we know God is in control? I am dying to reach that point! Jane’s testimony helped me and I hope it will help somebody else today.

Have a happy Monday!

Live good and love God!

Sherice A. Hill


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