“God has good timing”

There is this book that I use to write to God in. It was like our little post office. I wrote to him about everything! I told him when I’m happy, when I messed up, when I felt empty, when I felt alone, when I’m lost, my prayers, everything!

When I just started school I had no book to write in or any money to buy one so I decided to use the book i wrote to God in. Anyhow, I decided to read the letters I wrote to God. These started from February 2014. Going through I realized that God answered my prayers!
I told God that I want to start school September 2014 but I didn’t have any money, so I asked him to make a way because I want to further my education. I prayed for my father that he may be a part of my life again and we may develop a strong relationship. I prayed for my mother that she may learn to love Christ and have a relationship with him. Now over a year later, I’m in school, which I started August 2015 and God’s time was just right because I had just enough to start. My mother loves the Lord, is developing a strong relationship with him and soon to be baptized. It happened just when the signs of the times are fast fulfilling which proves to her that the Bible is fulfilling. My father still isn’t a part of my life now but he will be when God sees it fit because I’m still praying and I believe in the power of prayer. The answers didn’t come when i want them but God has good timing.

I burst out in tear….. Sometimes we pray and because God doesn’t come through for us the way we want him and with what we want and when we want we say that he doesn’t answer. My friends I’m encouraging you to never stop praying!! Pray Until Something Happens! Pray, pray, pray and pray.  He will answer your prayers as long as we’re faithful and obedient.

Alethia Dixon


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